Welcome to Urumqi this fall first snowstorm in Xinjiang local temperature drop of more than 12 DEG C lightscape

Welcome to Urumqi Xinjiang local temperature drop fall first Blizzard news agency of the new network of more than 12 DEG C – in November 5 Urumqi Xinhua (reporter Sun Tingwen) a cold autumn rain, since the evening of 4 to 5, Urumqi ushered in the second half of this year, the first heavy rain to snowstorm. However, because of the heavy rain lasted for a long time, a large amount of people here did not see the beauty of the city in Snow gleams white. 5, the reporter learned from the Urumqi Meteorological Observatory, as of 5 at 8, Urumqi snowfall of 8 cm, at about 10 cm, to reach the standard blizzard. Yesterday, the temperature of Urumqi experienced an hour of cooling rate of 10 degrees C. It is reported that the Urumqi Municipal Meteorological Station 4 evening issued Blizzard blue warning, frozen yellow warning, cold blue warning. Urumqi City Meteorological Station Wang Jian said, this is the first fall Urumqi Blizzard warning. As the saying goes, "the snow is not cold and snow cold, snow is weakening the temperature in Urumqi all the way down, is expected to 5 during the day to night in the snow sunny, the temperature of -6 to 1 DEG C, Nanshan Mountain temperature -14 to -5 DEG C. It is reported that this strong cold air affect Xinjiang. From 4 days to 5 days, Xinjiang meteorological departments at all levels more than and 50 bursts of cold, wind and road icing warning. Most of the temperature in northern Xinjiang will continue to decline, and even local temperatures will drop 12 degrees celsius. Reporters noted that the main city is located in the north of Xinjiang and East Hami were the lowest temperature is below zero, topped Aletai – 8 C. The main city in the South or the minimum temperature dropped to near freezing. At present, Xinjiang meteorological observatory issued a cold blue, frozen yellow early-warning and Blizzard blue warning continues. (end)相关的主题文章: