Wenzhou 1 merchants will be equipped with a video card to sell pornographic videos to attract consum www.jlxw.cn

Wenzhou 1 businesses will be the memory card selling pornographic video collocation to attract customers consumption due to intense competition, in order to attract customers, two mobile phone business in Wenzhou Cangnan, came up with the pornographic video downloaded to the memory card sales crooked idea. The day before, Cangnan Yishan County Public Security Bureau police station received a public alarm, in the area of people using the memory card selling pornographic video. After careful investigation, the afternoon of October 26th, Yishan police Bingfenlianglu, arrested two suspects and Zhang mou. It is understood that Zhang, 39 years old, Hemou at the age of 42, are Cangnan. Two people are the two mobile phone shop owner. Their mobile phone shop is not large, the main sales of mobile phones and mobile phone accessories, but also provide recharge calls, download music, movies and other services. In recent years, the same type of mobile phone shop more and more, the competition is becoming more intense, the two invariably began pondering the transformation". Due to frequent customers for some "special" video, two people left the one. When some customers to download movies, if the customer’s phone has obscene video resources, they secretly copied down. In this way, Hemou collected more than and 50, Zhang collected a total of more than and 500. The needs of customers only to pay 10 yuan of money, two people will download pornographic video to customers or to buy a new mobile phone memory card, sold to customers. Many customers are attracted by these "additional benefits", have to patronize the shop to buy products. At present, Zhang detention law, he was released on bail. The case is still under further investigation.相关的主题文章: