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What is the difference between men and women and ten healthy? "Discrimination" is an old saying, in life, men and women never seem to exist in the earth’s poles have different interests, temper, love movies, different styles of food with different tastes. In fact, the difference between men and women is far more than this. The day before, a new study in New Zealand "Wikipedia net" pointed out that no matter from the health, aging speed, the best child-bearing age, or to pain and other aspects, there are great differences between men and women. This study is the first to demonstrate the difference between men and women from a scientific point of view, which will be of great significance for the future direction and methods of health care. Below we asked the experts to tell you how to deal with the weapon respectively, in health. A woman’s six systems more vulnerable men and women not only have differences in the chest and reproductive system, the brain, heart, stomach, skin and other organs are different. Columbia University in the United States "gender difference" project leader Marianne · asked Dr. Leica; pointed out that in many diseases, men and women are not the same performance. Immune system disease. Change radically the immune system of women, although they live longer than men, more prone to lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis and other incurable diseases. Heart system disease. The first time a woman has a heart attack is 10 years later than a man, but once suffering from heart disease, especially cardiovascular disease, it is often fatal. Motor system disease. A woman’s ligaments are much more fragile than men, and are more difficult to recover after injury. The study showed that the ligaments were most vulnerable during and after the end of the week. Department of sports medicine, Beijing Sport University professor Lu Yifan suggested that women should now do less shuttlecock requirements such as fast response, high accuracy and movement, dancing and playing to around move movement, but also try to avoid heavy lifting. Nervous system diseases. Women are more likely to suffer from depression. After menopause, women are more likely to suffer from dementia than their peers. Therefore, in postmenopausal women, may wish to take the oral estrogen hormone replacement therapy, and often drink Soybean Milk, eat soy products, make up for the lack of estrogen. Digestive system diseases. Men and women in the saliva of the chemical composition is different, even if eating the same food, women need to spend more time to digest, suffering from chronic constipation may be 3 times that of men, suffering from intestinal diseases may be men of the times of 2. Therefore, the best choice of female dinner porridge, noodles and other digestible food, and make dinner half an hour ahead of time to 1 hours. Diseases of skeletal system. Women are more likely to have severe bone loss than men. Therefore, women should take calcium as a nutritional life lessons more than usual, milk, egg, soy and other high calcium food, the sun than the morning of 10 pm to 11 pm, often skipping, running bearing exercise, stimulate bone metabolism, achieve the efficacy of calcium supplementation. After illness, women eat more medicine than men, accounting for 23 of the total dose. The probability of side effects of drugs for women is twice as high as for men. When using anesthetics, women woke up 7 minutes earlier than men. Two, men’s IQ is high, women’s language is good men’s brains than women’s brain weight of 100 grams, more than 4% of the brain cells, so their average IQ is higher than women – 3 -. But the female brain.相关的主题文章: