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What kind of body can control the bellbottoms lead: this year with "horn". The single product are fried chicken with fire, such as trumpet sleeves, trousers…… But it’s not as good as you think! (source: Ruili nets) Jessica – Alba said: female a long bell bell, sister brain first came naturally with vintage and catch long bell bottoms horse properties, actress street magic is also. Sister Kim and Jenna Kendall – in view of the unique "bellbottoms farther down the expansion property of thin, thick thigh calf woman, the most suitable to wear this kind of exaggerated bell bottoms, with 10cm heels, invincible. Ralph Lauren2017 spring and summer series if you wear this kind of retro pants, white shirt + waist sister is collocation flares, especially the pendant silk white shirt in the strong sense, can reduce the shoulder on the vision, the whole person is very tall. Ralph Lauren2017 spring and summer series, this is almost the case. Street shot if the model with a sweater, short paragraph must be more clever than long paragraph. Street demonstration in addition, many people recommend a stylish retro strap pants, big horn soft adorable strap design + personality, the total effect is impressive, how do you see? Alexa Chung female No. two: "short" Weila jeans: the female No. two, closer to the essence of love fashion. Street demonstration in theory, shorter Weila simply all-match, upper leather, suit what collocation, under a flat shoes, high heels, boots can narrow mouth. Street demonstration but only to get skinny Weila + a suit! In contrast, er where the handle the extra baggage downstairs? Street demonstration Weila must collocation high-heeled boots or pumps beauty, as for coat, do not pick. Street demonstration in bellbottoms is not good to wear, but try to select a high waisted jacket and high-heeled, collocation to join in, usually still have good results. Street shoot demonstration street shot in addition, if you have confidence in your body, you can choose a variety of fancy. Before the sister said, this year is not a good fashion dress, the next sentence you do not know – this year is not popular wear pants. Hole, patch, patch is not a surprise, the trousers worn tassel; trouser legs long and short in front foot just red; the opening of what.相关的主题文章: