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What will be the contribution of 84% of China’s global auto market? – if there is no Sohu Volkswagen, TOYOTA, Mercedes Benz, BMW brand, China’s car market is no meaning. Then we extend the outside, if there is no Chinese market, the global car market will be like? The correct answer is, be unbearable to contemplate the consequences. This is a data card, if you don’t believe in yourself by the Federation, the automobile association data, then you should look at the analysis of foreigners. According to JP Morgan’s latest statistics report shows that in strong growth experienced in July and August, the global car sales in September rose to 3.5%, seasonally adjusted annual sales of SAAR (SeasonallyAdjustedAnnualSalesRate) 78 million cars soared to the highest level in history. The three quarter of the global auto sales grew by 16.2% year on year, as of September annualized growth of up to 27%. China contributed to the incremental 84% JP Morgan chase report also said that since June, the global auto sales growth of 4 million 400 thousand, China contributed a total of up to 3 million 700 thousand vehicles, accounting for up to 84%. That is to say, the incremental contribution is Chinese all other countries combined integrated more than 5 times, Chinese single handedly driving the global car market growth, while the China accounted for 1 of the world population / 5, accounted for more than and 110 of global GDP. Statistics China Automobile Industry Association show that in September 2016, car sales were completed 2 million 531 thousand cars and 2 million 564 thousand vehicles, up 26.8% and 23.5% respectively compared with last month; 1-9 month car sales were completed 19 million 422 thousand and 19 million 360 thousand, respectively over the previous year growth of 13.3% and 13.2%, higher than the same period last year 14.1 and 12.9 percentage points. Because Chinese car city large and rapid growth, has become the China Volkswagen, TOYOTA, GM, Nissan, Benz, BMW and other international brands almost all of the world’s largest market, including Volkswagen in September sales in China accounted for almost half of its total global sales. If there is no global car market in China almost no growth if you do not have a direct feeling, we will eliminate the Chinese sales, is a different picture. JP Morgan’s report care-laden wrote: (excluding China sales) global car sales three quarter basically no growth from emerging markets in addition to a major drag on China outside, with the BRICs Brazil, Russia is not good; these economies annual car sales quarter fell 5%. Developed markets in the three quarter of the annual car sales have not been much improvement, only a slight increase of 2%. In Japan, Sweden, Norway, Korea, Brazil, Russia and Czech, the three quarter car sales decline, including emerging markets such as Brazil and Russia, and is the largest oil producing country. According to the European Automotive News reported that in September of this year, the Russian car market is not expected to fall again, the cumulative total of 125568 new cars sold, a decrease of more than two.相关的主题文章: