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When driving a car to meet what would you do? To let the plug or not to insert? Sohu cars on the road when driving by gasser is what feeling? I believe that many owners have encountered such a situation, maybe you can make to this thing. In fact, most of the owners of the gasser children this behavior is very offensive, the first gasser children you are in other normal driving situations and forcibly bring to others, but also dangerous after the car easily angered. Of course, most of the owners for traffic safety is relatively rational, can make a step to the step, but a small part of the owners do not buy it, is likely to conflict. Especially the scrape accident in plugging process, not to say who is responsible, stay in the way of time has affected other cars, causing potential safety problems. What place is easy to jump the queue? In general the traffic lights are the most easily stoppered place, especially before turning around, there are a lot of cars and did not advance the line, direct selection but choose fast turning stopper. There is in the congested city roads and highways, we are anxious to go home, the other drivers are too meat, the more frequent plugging. There are some car owners often deliberately wild gasser, really make people tired. How to prevent? Some drivers Jiase may also have legitimate reasons, he may have missed the corner there is a driver in a hurry Jiase, had to jump the queue, here are those malicious people plugging plugging. As for how to prevent plugging, should belong to the scope of driving skills. That is simple: the first to observe the surrounding vehicles, to see whether the vehicle malicious stoppering vehicle, then follow the vehicle in front (note the distance) do not give others the opportunity to. In fact, even if doing so will inevitably be other plugging, but the owner must pay attention to keep the distance, so as to avoid accidents. Summary: if the other vehicle in front Jiase gasser opened the lights, the owner, or take a step, the other side of the vehicle may really have something urgent. But if you turn that directly plugging, the owner will need to consider, under the guarantee of not being scraped their vehicles under tight with the front of the vehicle, not encourage such uncivilized bad atmosphere. PS: in accordance with the law, in the case of motor vehicles in front of the motor vehicle waiting in line or slow to travel, they should be lined up, not from the front of the vehicle on both sides of the cross or beyond. In addition, according to the provisions of the vehicles and pedestrians shall pass according to the traffic signals, traffic on the road, including virtual solid, solid zone is prohibited to change, otherwise you may face the risk of fine penalty. About the car master: the car is a problem, find a car master! The car has 120 thousand professional Master Certified Automotive Technician 4S shop 10 minutes, answer your car repair, maintenance, car and other aspects of the problem. PS: Car master also opened the door to install the service in the country, welcomed the appointment of the car master gold service. History ======= problem for automobile automobile master car master, 10 minutes to answer all your questions: WeChat car car add up arrow press copy master相关的主题文章: