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When on the point: wish to a breeze impetuous investment market, investors sent for peace. Want you We! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: on the point: wish to a breeze impetuous investment market, investors sent for peace. Chaos City leisurely, and alas. Do not seek a global shortage for a domain, the market situation, change unpredictably, and their hearts, the potential move slow; chaos in the heart, not trapped in the situation, strategist, winning thousands of miles away. Weak water three thousand, yipiao, taking their own needs, not greed, not belligerent, freely, in order to win. "Investment depends on the state of mind, attitude determines success or failure," the mentality of the decision of the bitter and music, the concept of the decision to become and defeat, the more simple life, the more quiet trading. Many times, you’d rather be dead than self reflection contrarian. A drop of ink, dirty can be a cup of water, to a muddy river, and because the heart can hold; in a word, can destroy the temper of the moment, but it is difficult to determine a person’s life, because the fate in their own hands; an accident, can let trudged to the persistent pursuit of this, because of you in the market "alive", because the strong, so that the road ahead, don’t stop. "Principles" stumble, you can immediately resume the stand; dishonesty, you may never be saved. Walk the road of life integrity, will have a clear conscience. The concept of "single" do not crave and buy and sell the top flat bottom top, abstain from greed quit panic, get can get profits; look at the market every move with a common heart, abstain from greed quit panic, do not seek to become the top selling buy at the end of the master, but the flow, steady profit, pocket for security! Recently, a lot of people consulted me, "teacher, I always lose money, how can we obtain long-term profits in the silver oil market?" The question is too big. After all, to long-term profit in the market of precious metals in the perplexing, not to point out is in two words or three, I spent a lot of time to learn technology, simulated operation, firm to do one, the process is full of hardships and growing pains. This year, the market is full of a large number of so-called "brick house", a single monthly retally in advocacy, but actually the rational friends you can reflect the real financial market there is a hundred percent profit trader is not possible, if it can guarantee each month over the storehouse, the do it yourself, 10 change 200 thousand, 20 by 400 thousand…… In the end he was better than Buffett! So, I would never do with the customer to do the so-called 100[%] profit guarantee, to ensure that the warehouse…… Profit is fundamental, but can not be built on the unrealistic flicker guarantee, this point, from the vast number of customers for our long-term trust can be seen. Grasp the understanding of the "brick home" to help customers market hard, but so many years of industry accumulation and professional ethics, and let相关的主题文章: