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He Yuhan: fed hawk gold two Lianyin OPEC crude oil production or flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum clients view the latest market news [basic] international spot gold Thursday Asian city early rebound slightly, the highest hit $1325.91 per ounce yesterday, the dollar index rose slightly, the international gold extended losses. Because many Fed officials including President Yellen, have made a hawkish speech, the day to suppress the price of gold fell for second consecutive trading days, hitting an intraday low of $1318.16 on the low. However, overnight, the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) accident reached the first 8 years production agreement, boost oil prices rose more than 5%, to provide support for the commodity market. The released overnight EIA crude oil inventories recorded reduced favorable prices upward, followed by the market and selling gasoline inventories increased drag prices out of Powei intraday price fell below the support level near the breakdown after several tests failed to pick up the price, market outlook for the OPEC meeting and the results become the real main factors that influence the global financial market turmoil. After nearly 4.5 hours of talks, OPEC unexpectedly reached agreement to boost production, crude oil prices rose sharply. But because the market believes that the international crude oil supply is still excess, weak market demand, and OPEC limit oil output target range is large, limiting the production after the target output than the actual output decline is limited, so OPEC8 years for the first time a production agreement or not enough to stabilize the oil market [] the current crude oil spot crude oil analysis by freezing production protocol the news reached the irrational boom, and in promoting the market to follow the trend of the disk, rose up to 5.42%, the price is too high, although the frozen production will be the recent crude oil market will support the formation, but the outlook for prices continue to freeze after the restoration of production market, so the public, He Yuhan believes that today’s crude will back again pull up, see k has been completed w double bottom form from the daily, two times to break $43 failed in the long-term bullish outlook to $49. At present, from the technical point of view, crude yesterday the daily closing Yang, Bollinger Bands continue to narrow, near K running rail, the average system mixed, MACD speed line adhesion, red column kinetic energy early, KDJ index upward divergence. On line three, Bollinger band rail is the necking operation, K in Bollinger band rail line runs, 5, 10 day moving average MACD continues upward, oil prices by 60 on average to suppress, high in the continuous downward, MACD index bond, red energy previews. Line four hours, the current point is still above the five day moving average and ten day moving average of the strong repression, figure MACD short energy volume, running on KDJ Sicha divergence. From the four hour chart, it is not without reason to rebound. Below are brin rail support, bottoming out is natural, the MACD index is still running down the line speed, random KDJ index and RSI index relative strength has to reverse MACD divergence. All the technical indicators, the bull trend is hard to change, combined with the OPEC freeze production meeting the stimulus, is bullish prices, days of ideas on the public number He Yuhan suggested more callback, high.相关的主题文章: