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Internet-and-Business-Online I know you may be thinking the title hosts a very bold statement, in fact, it sounds like an exaggeration, but it is one that can be justified with facts and proof. We will look at the reasons why later? You need to look at this business as an open opportunity to your success on eBay. Do not let the amount of $120,000 per month in in.e, seem like to far of reach for you to achieve! This will stop you ever attempting this venture be.ing a reality for you. Believe me, you can actually do this!l Now, the beauty of the electronics marketplace is that you can make enough profits to satisfy your financial needs as a second in.e! Alternatively, you can take the plunge and use this niche to build yourself a full time business on eBay. You know this is more manageable than you think! Now is the time for you to get on board, seriously! Sellers on eBay, have been making hundreds of thousands of dollars on eBay? These are the ruling foundations that will always create successful eBay businesses! 1. The first, golden rule to successful selling on eBay, is to never ever buy in a great deal of inventory for your chosen market for one product! This is the sales concept of wholesalers, they profit up front selling you that product in abundance, that you may not be able to sell, stalling your eBay business from the offset! If you decide to buy your inventory from a wholesaler you will be obliged to invest a large amount of money into one product – a product that is not guaranteed to sell or make a profit. 2. The second rule, is to pay as little as possible for your inventory, doing this raises your profit margin on every sale! The secret to this as a guide is to buy in your product for around half the amount it will sell for! Spending a lot of money per product can lose you a lot of money. However, if the product you source is real cheap there is also a good chance you will be buying a non starter in bulk, so avoid that too! 3. The beauty of some markets, is they host a very high re-sale value, yes focusing on these niches can bring in and up to and between $100 to $300. This indicates that it is not wise to buy in your inventory more than $50-150 for each product you sell! 4. Last but by no means least, you need to target products that are logistically sound for shipping purposes, if you sell large items you are making it virtually impossible to keep costs low on shipping whilst creating a problem on storing the items! You also need to know by selling small items you can afford to offer your customers ‘free shipping’, which is beneficial to you attracting more sales! There is one such eBay seller, who has followed all this criterion, selling electronic devices with exponential success from a market that produces reliable and high selling rates, using the following 4 key elements in this niche! 1. Electronics are in high demand sellers that are always well produced. There will never a shortage, but there will always be a demand for these lucrative products. 2. The evolution of electronics over time always creates newer, and more sought after devices. People will continually spend money to own and update the technology, electronics creating big profits and more importantly repeat sales! 3. A large percentage of electronic devices is small and very easy to move quickly! 4. The resale value of electronic goods is extremely good, more so when in .parison to other small items that can be acquired on eBay. The seller in question, has developed an eBay business taking her to Platinum Powerseller status, which is no mean feat! She has concentrated her sales in the cell phones and PDA electronic niches producing a monthly revenue of at least $120,000 per month consistently. Indicating that these markets are not over saturated, leaving them wide open for you to follow yourself, giving you less .petition than other markets! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: