Winning Smiles – Old Vs New In Orthodontics And Dentistry

Winning Smiles Old vs New in Orthodontics and Dentistry Just look at the lineup at any Port Jefferson, NY or Medford, NY high school graduation ceremony and you will see how orthodontic treatment and aesthetic dentistry together, create an attention grabbing smile. Straight healthy teeth are no longer being pursued just by Hollywood stars and high profile performers. Everyone, both kids and adults want a perfect smile. With todays advances in dental technology, orthodontists and dentists are working together hand in hand to give you what you want. How Far We Have Come Gone are the days when every teenager faced a future of tooth removal and dentures at the sign of any extensive tooth decay. Teaching students good oral hygiene is standard in most schools today, in addition to instructions given during regular dental cleanings and checkups. This has dramatically reduced the amount of tooth decay in todays kids. Unsightly silver fillings are a thing of the past, with tooth colored bonding materials being more commonly used which blend right into the tooth enamel. In orthodontics, metal braces that wrap around the teeth are out and tiny brackets bonded directly to the front of the teeth are in. Even metal braces are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Amazing technology has evolved using ceramic braces. Anyone, no matter what their age or problem, can have an incredible smile with the help of an orthodontist and/or dentist. Orthodontic options Because no one wants to see a mouth full of metal, ceramic braces were developed that blend in with your own natural tooth color to improve your appearance during treatment. Another great option that many teens and adults are choosing is Invisalign the braceless alternative to straightening teeth. Invisalign is a series of plastic removable retainers that are nearly impossible to see when worn by teens and adults to correct mild to moderate orthodontic problems. Aesthetics Beyond braces Sometimes, the enamel of permanent teeth in children is damaged when they erupt into the mouth.White spots are noticeable on healthy teeth that many consider unsightly. No one is really sure why this happens as the permanent teeth are forming, but high fever and antibiotic treatment is suspect. Unfortunately, the only way to correct an aesthetically challenged tooth is to cover it with a porcelain veneer or crown with a natural appearance that can even fool the experts. For brighter teeth, whitening or bleaching wipes away the discoloration of aging in adults from coffee, tea, and cigarette stains. In teens, bleaching will whiten the teeth a few shades before they start to discolor with age to help create a more dazzling smile. The Rewards Even though in todays world, a photograph can be retouched with simple computer software, orthodontics and aesthetic dentistry eliminate the need for retouching teeth in a portrait in order to achieve a perfect smile. How we feel we look to others in our own mind improves our self-esteem. Positive self-esteem gives us confidence, which can only lead to higher achievement in everything we endeavor throughout life. A great looking smile goes a long way in todays self-conscious world. There is no longer a debate the ever changing medical advances are allowing us to live longer. Exercise, healthy diet, aesthetic surgery, hair replacement, etc are allowing us to look younger as we age. Even with all of these procedures to improve appearance, if you have bad teeth or a crooked smile, you are back to square one. So take care to address the first thing people notice about you: your beautiful smile. About the Author: We are pleased to provide you with this helpful orthodontic information. Orthodontist Dr. David Amram of Coolsmiles offer traditional braces, Invisalign clear braces, and the finest state-of-the-art orthodontic care available in the Long Island area for you and your family. For more information, please visit our website at or contact our office to schedule a free consultation at either of our two locations in Port Jefferson, NY Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Health 相关的主题文章: