World of Warcraft 7 army officially launched 110 to return tamiflu

"World of Warcraft" 7 army officially launched 110 return to zero in September 1st, "World of Warcraft" 7 piece "Legion return" officially launched. And in the past, the national service and the world to keep synchronized on-line, the domestic players who is obviously a good thing. In fact, as early as in the first month, "World of Warcraft: the Legion coming" piece of information by the SARFT audit, which means that it has to keep pace with the world on what obstacles do not exist. In the "Legion coming" piece of information, in addition to skill talent changes, the new role of "demon hunter" has officially appeared, but also enhance the level cap to 110, and some play. The following is the official announcement: "World of Warcraft’s" piece of information: the Legion has officially launched! Now you can go to the Broken Isles to complete your mission. Find and learn the use of the legendary power of the artifact weapon, with like-minded warriors in the Professional hall to fight for your goals. At this juncture, you will encounter a hunter once banished Eldad ray and betrayal of Illidan’s demons, these are evil can distort the believers with taboo alliance. If you fail…… The whole world will be into flames.相关的主题文章: