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Wu Yifan birthday song song styling variety turned T Xiu – Sohu yesterday, Wu Yifan in Shanghai held a grand birthday song and sing, warm atmosphere overflowing. Wu Yifan has always been the darling of the fashion world is his other stage to acme, various style variety, the scene has become almost T xiu. The event, Wu Yifan with a MASHAMA silver coat caused a storm of screaming, Ann Demeulemeester become a black turtleneck outfit highlights, has always been a favorite hole in Wu Yifan’s trousers appearance is no surprise choice Amiri black holes in jeans. Bad girl then in music and dancing, Goros accessories collocation yezzy shoes, cool hint of leisure. Subsequently, Wu Yifan rose slowly from the lifting platform, as fans DEDECATES perform "after", a custom Burberry coat as a prince to appear in front of the audience. The "sword like dream" in Wu Yifan in Ann Demeulemeester and Bentaverniti unravelproject backing pants to release energy, light field. "Disco girl" is Wu Yifan for the film "old gun" new interpretation, by Wu Yifan after the re interpretation of the original music, in a casual and cynical, causing the audience chorus. Wu Yifan’s friend Kevin is back at the scene, wearing supreme Hoodie, sang together two people in the small time for the family to do the song "lullaby". In addition, Wu Yifan is also the scene for everyone sang "gentle rain" time to cook, JUNWEI LIN V deep blue striped shirt creative collocation black strip Bangdai, let the fans crazy, let live once Caton, choose the Sandro hole pants pants, accessories, choose vetements and create new styles DSquared2. That night a lamp string to decorate the drop from the clouds, dreamlike scene. Just recently made a new song "July", this is the first scene of Wu Yifan’s birthday will sing, as a finale, Wu Yifan chose Vetements Bentaverniti unravelproject Black Embroidered Jacket, black trousers, the scene screaming.相关的主题文章: