Xi’an 21 storey high-rise elevator stopped production for pregnant women to close down in Beijing shiyang

Xi’an 21 storey high-rise elevator stopped production for pregnant women to close down – Beijing, China Daily News (reporter intern Zheng Shi Xiaoxiao) although the big day, but more than 2 floor corridor was dark; 21 storey building, two elevator are shut down; pregnant women worry production, but no elevator downstairs, to find a few people to go down…… Xi’an City Road, South Road, the status of the white square District owners feel blocked heart. Owner: Elevator shut down during the day with a flashlight to climb the stairs yesterday morning, the residential property owners to the China Daily call to reflect, after shutting down elevator downstairs cause inconvenience, seriously affect the life of people. China Daily reporter found in the area, this is only a floor area, facing the problem is not only inconvenient: downstairs yard rubbish into the garbage mountain, above is the natural gas pipeline; starting from the 2 floor, several floor corridor inside a dark, two elevator are shut down the owners downstairs, only a flashlight to climb the stairs. Guo said the owners, the owners have been climbing stairs like this for many days. Some time ago, living in the 16 floor of a pregnant woman to produce, had to find a few people to carry on. An old man down the inconvenience caused by illness, downstairs vomiting. There are just pregnant pregnant women, due to fear of climbing down the stairs leading to abortion, dare not go downstairs. Industry: property that has not signed the withdrawal of the community industry authority director Ms. Zhang said that the district has a total of 128 households, the property company property platinum exit, the owners did not agree, but in April 2015, platinum property has not left the case, now the industry has already entered platinum. Platinum property in the district posted notice that they are coming in the coordination of the arts and the South Road community, is a newly registered company, has not yet qualified qualified. November 2015, the establishment of the industry committee. Platinum property hope and Industry Committee signed a property service contract, but the owners feel that the service is not, the industry agreed to three months probation period, the platinum property does not agree, the contract has not signed. Later, there are some owners do not pay property fees, platinum property before and after the Spring Festival this year, the purchase of electricity to restrict owners. In October 24th this year, the platinum property posted a notice that the industry did not sign a contract with them, resulting in their work can not be withdrawn, but there are still people who receive property charges. Platinum in addition to the cost of their property is the chapter, for other businesses are using platinum property chapter, including elevator inspection is also the case. Maintenance unit: Community owe elevator maintenance Elevator maintenance unit for two months the person in charge of Mr. Chen told reporters that this area of the elevator has been for 17 years, in accordance with the provisions of 15 years should be evaluated. Mr. Chen said, they have to of the quality supervision department report, released in the area of the maintenance contract. November 6th elevator maintenance unit after the incident came to help people put out, but can not repair. Because there is no property management, who did not dare to assume the responsibility of maintenance, to shut down. Before this is because people trapped failure, an old lady was in there, let the maintenance after the stop point of view, the ladder; a few days later, second.相关的主题文章: