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Xi’an, a hospital next to the abandoned site now (Figure) – copycat ambulance Sohu News Chinese daily news (reporter Li Xiaobo) an ambulance parked at the abandoned site near the hospital, the scene of the traffic police department confirmed copycat ambulance, a start can contact the owners eventually shut the machine…… Yesterday, according to reports from the masses, Baqiao traffic police, transportation, health and other departments of joint law enforcement, the jurisdiction of the surrounding area of the hospital to investigate the cottage ambulance. On the grounds of a new temple road, near the Tangdu Hospital, the joint law enforcement officers found a license plate number for the Shaanxi A871UM ambulance. Through the inquiry, the police found the car registered in the name of the individual, and the registration of the vehicle appearance and the scene does not match, suspected cottage ambulance. At the scene, the China Daily reporter to contact the owner of the family members of the patient’s identity, said the patient transferred from the hospital to Lantian, the owner said 10 minutes later will come. Wait for a while to see people once again call the owner of the phone but no one answered, then call again when the phone has been turned off. There onlookers villagers said cottage ambulance owners must be in the vicinity, to see the law enforcement officers deliberately avoided, to avoid the fight. Traffic police department will then be towed to the law enforcement cottage parking garage. Baqiao Traffic Police Brigade squadron Deputy squadron commander of the new order of Dong said, according to relevant regulations, in addition to police cars, fire engines, ambulances and engineering rescue vehicles shall be in accordance with the provisions of spray logo, install the alarm sirens and signal lights and other motor vehicles shall not be painted, the installation and use of the special vehicle or similar logo, siren or marker lamp. Where an illegal installation of an alarm or a sign lamp is forcibly removed, the traffic control department of the public security organ shall, in addition, impose a fine of not less than 200 yuan but not more than 2000 yuan. Dong Xin said that the next step will continue to contact the owner, ordered to restore the original state of the vehicle and to deal with it.相关的主题文章: