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Xing Zhaolin "Chu Joe" bold spirit – fixing wit hero entertainment Sohu Xing Zhaolin shot poster Sohu entertainment news recently, according to the "11 agents" Xiaoxiang Donger "adapted by Zhao Liying, Dou Xiao, Li Qin, Lin update, Xing Zhaolin co starred in the drama" secret love to wear the costume Princess Chu Joe biography "filmed in Hengdian close to the end. The play focuses on a personal independence of conduct in the chaos of slaves, in the process of peer assist the establishment of a new regime, on guard, betrayal, faith and love the great story. Among them, the "little meat Xing Zhaolin played with the actor Stephen? (Lin update ornaments) alongside the bodyguard of seven months, the image of its bold solemn wit, brave, and Stephen always fought with him? And protect women Chuqiao (Zhao Liying ornaments) side, and to create a time of national peace and order made all sorts of matchless merit. After months of intense shooting, Xing Zhaolin finally in the days before fixing all scenes. The entire process, many difficult play action, is the battle by Xing Zhaolin himself, in order to achieve better shooting, he did not hit with injury, is dedicated. For his character the successful conclusion of the Internet have spread a doggerel: "this childe nurse is complete, the world Baochuqiao peace, 154 day and night work, forest symbols of young men’s good conduct." We can see that Xing Zhaolin’s performance and love. It is reported that the "secret" Chu Joe biography "will be held 2017 summer log in Hunan satellite TV" when the Youth Theatre "broadcast alone, looking back at the past, little meat Xing Zhaolin always uphold the" hard "two words, one step a solid and firm. Look forward to in the near future, this handsome boy can wind to proudly blooming. By then, the audience must harvest in a cold month more than seven faithful, can see a breakthrough in the past, my Xing Zhaolin.   相关的主题文章: