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Yao Yang: don’t be a capacity to host private Sohu financial pressure – the humanities Economic Association, jointly sponsored by the Sohu of finance, the National Development Research Institute of Peking University of Humanities and economics lecture in May 21st eleventh was successfully held. Yao Yang, President of the National Development Research Institute of Peking University, entitled "China’s economic growth prospects and the current economic situation," a wonderful speech. Yao Yang first reviewed the development of the task to plan "in 13th Five-Year, and in Japan as the case depth analysis of the main challenges for the future development of China. Then, combined with the "middle-income trap" this hot topic, Yao Yang will be extended to the world, analysis of Brazil, Malaysia and other developing countries are facing the development bottleneck. Yao Yang pointed out that due to the advantage of a big country, economic reform continues, human capital and technological strength and other favorable conditions, if the policy properly, China there is still hope to maintain a rapid development momentum, in one fell swoop across the "middle income trap". Yao Yang on to the production capacity of a wonderful analysis. Yao Yang believes that China’s economy has a 7 year cycle, and now we are at the bottom of the economic cycle, there is no need to be overly pessimistic. Excess capacity is the result of economic fluctuations. It is not the excess capacity that leads to the recession, but the excess capacity caused by the recession. The output can make use of the market pressure, the government not to pressure yourself. Government pressure to produce results, the local pressure becomes private. Following is the speech excerpt Yang yao. Yao Yang: I describe to you a long-term optimistic picture, I do not think China will fall into the middle-income trap, China should be able to maintain a relatively rapid growth rate. We have to go back to the short term, short-term economic growth downward momentum, where the reason? Three reasons. First, the adjustment of the world economy, like japan. Second, the adjustment of economic structure in our own country, industrialization process peak has passed, my students do that, if there is no financial crisis, our manufacturing industry should be the peak until the last 2020, should not be in 2012, eight years ahead of schedule because of the financial crisis, it is meaningful to remember because, according to successful economies standards, we have not completed the industrialization, but the financial crisis let us advance. In addition, the economic cycle is very important, and now we ignore the economic cycle, has been talking about the structure of the problem, not to talk about the cycle. The country began to experience an seven year cycle of the four round of the cycle from the beginning of 90s, 7 is a wonderful figure, family marriage has called the seven year itch, first marriage is still relatively fresh, go to each other seventh years tired of getting a divorce, our country’s stock market is a period of seven years, very accurate. Our country’s economy is also a cycle of seven years, from 1992 to 19971998 to 20032004 to 2012. Now we are at the bottom of the economic cycle, to realize this point is very important, this means that we need not overly pessimistic, now the problem is that because of the impact of the economic cycle, from 1998 to 2003 as we have experienced is as like as two peas. Think about short-term problems to get rid of.相关的主题文章: