Zhejiang signed a total investment of 14 integrated transportation projects over 200 billion – China ca1805

Zhejiang signed 14 comprehensive transportation project investment of over 200 billion – Beijing, Beijing, Hangzhou, September 28, (Wang Enmin) 28 afternoon, Zhejiang Province comprehensive transportation investment and financing construction signing conference held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang signed 14 comprehensive transportation projects, investment of over 200 billion yuan. At the meeting, Zhejiang province investment group and 4 central enterprises signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hangzhou, Haining 11 city 2 counties (city) government signed an investment in transport infrastructure construction cooperation agreement signed Shaotai Hangzhou railway PPP project cooperation agreement with the 3 Zhejiang enterprises, involving a total of 14 projects, the total mileage of 1005 kilometers, a total investment of 205 billion yuan. At the same time, with the National Development Bank and other 6 financial institutions signed a cooperation agreement. Among them, Zhejiang province transportation group and Fosun Group, Geely Group, wanfenaote group and other 3 enterprises signed a cooperation agreement Shaotai Hangzhou railway project PPP. As the first national introduction of one of the 8 railway demonstration projects of social capital, Shaotai Hangzhou Railway proposed by Zhejiang province traffic group, Taizhou City, Shaoxing City, private capital and railway company jointly funded the construction, and allow private capital holdings after the completion of. Zhejiang provincial transportation group has a strategic cooperation agreement between banks and the State Development Bank, ICBC, the Agricultural Bank, construction bank, Bank of communications China China and other large state-owned banks to reach. Zhejiang provincial transportation group under the same conditions, priority is proposed to the financial needs of the five major financial institutions, and these five major financial institutions would give Zhejiang traffic group each 100 billion, a total of 500 billion yuan in the project intention of the line of credit, loan interest rates also will be the benchmark interest rate under the floating 10% concessions, to support the Zhejiang province major traffic infrastructure construction. The signing ceremony was held in a video connection way Longpu (Zhejiang Longquan Expressway Fujian Pucheng) opening ceremony. Long Pu Expressway 23.192 km long across the board, with a total investment of $2 billion 956 million, the project capital invested by the Zhejiang Provincial Communications Group of 90%, the Longquan municipal government invested a total of 10%, the government owing on the loan highway. Zhejiang provincial Party Secretary Xia Baolong said at the meeting, I hope the majority of central enterprises, Zhejiang and financial institutions have more good projects settled in Zhejiang, the more high-quality resources devoted to Zhejiang, to send more talents to Zhejiang, to achieve mutual benefit and common development in the power of Zhejiang traffic construction. (end)相关的主题文章: